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Navigating Adventure: Planning Your Next Tour

You probably can’t guess how many times I get asked, “What do I need for my trip?” The answer is, I get asked that questions several times a day.


This inspired me to put together a short list of things to think about while planning for your next tour. Hopefully it will save you time and make sure your to-do list has all the things you will need.


Travel Documentation

There is a lot of concern these days about having an up-to-date passport. It varies by country, but your passport has to be valid 3 – 6 months out from your tour date. I always go with the 6 months before it expires option to be sure. All of our travel documents have to exactly match your passport – your legal name, birthdate, and address.

Additionally, there are several items mailed out in advance that you will need in order to board the coach. From your confirmation, to the itinerary, to health forms and luggage tags, make sure you bring them all. These items are mailed out a couple of weeks in advance of your trip.


What to Wear
Layers, layers, layers. Some days will be warm and other days will be cold or rainy.  Temperatures on the coach can vary from the outside temperature, although you can help combat that with your own personal thermostat. I always take a sweater or light jacket to add or take off and often add a hood for rain. You will also want to bring a small umbrella in case of showers. Most importantly, bring comfortable shoes. There is normally a lot of walking involved in our adventures.


Baggage, Backpacks, and Being Prepared

Each passenger gets one tagged piece of luggage (50 lbs.) to go under the coach.  This one is checked in and out of the hotels for you.  You can put another untagged piece of luggage underneath but you are responsible for carrying this bag. There is room in the overhead bins for smaller carry-ons or backpacks and your purse can go either above or at your feet.  The items can be left on the bus for stops and will be attended or locked for the duration of the stop.


Personal Items

Feel free to bring personal items that you will need along the way. The coaches are equipped with WIFI and there are charging stations for each seat, so feel free to bring phones, iPads, laptops, movies, and earbuds.  There are also reading lights for books and magazines. Some play cards on the ride, and many people bring neck pillows to take a nap. Whatever you can think of to do in order to relax and enjoy the ride is what we want you to do.


Water and Snacks

Kincaid will provide one bottle of water per day as well as some lights snacks. If you think you will need more, please be sure to pack them. Periodic breaks are made throughout the day to ensure you have time to get off the bus. Some people like to buy food, snacks, or drinks at that time.



Safety is our most important focus on every tour.  Every coach is equipped with a first aid kit.  Please be sure to bring any medications along that you may need.  It’s always a good idea to stick a couple Band-Aids and over-the-counter meds in your bag as a precaution.


Making Memories
Hopefully you will bring a camera or have a phone with a camera. There are going to be several great moments that you will want to take a picture of during your tour. We can even help you post them on Facebook if you want to share them with friends and family.


Tell the Tour Director

If there are other special needs that you have for the tour, be sure to tell your tour director.  It’s even better to tell the tour staff at the time of booking so that they can plan well in advance for your needs.


Now all you have to do is “Say YES to Your Next Adventure”.  I hope to see you on one of our tours soon!


Kim Galbraith

Director of Kincaid Tours

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