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Let Kincaid Help You Visit New Places in 2019

Here are a few tips to help you come up with a unique, travel-oriented New Year’s resolution, especially if you are looking for one that involves friends, family, and fun.


Make your personal bucket list

We all have those places that we dream about wanting to be able to see.  At the start of every year, make a list of those you want to check off this year.  What kind of tours are you thinking about?  Seeing the top attractions in the U.S.?  Discovering beautiful parks and historical monuments?  Seeing the best Broadway shows, shopping, or attractions like the Rose Bowl, Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival, or Magnolia Market with special entrance tickets?  Tropical cruises with exotic ports of call?  Top international all-inclusive resorts?  Rank your choices to create a prioritized list of trip options.  Keep in mind that to have the best time on your trip, you need to see those places during the best time of the year.  Target a time frame in order to build this into your schedule for this year.

Explore itinerary options

Go online and explore what is available.  Our web site has catalogs and brochures describing tour details and pricing.  You can either book and make changes online, or call the team with questions.  We offer short tours such as a one- or two-day getaway, as well as longer tours that allow for unique opportunities like watching the leaves changes color or feeling the ocean breeze from the beach. Sit back, relax, let others drive, and have a professional tour director connect you to your destination and its rich history.

Connect with your friends and family

Have fun with your friends and meet new ones too!  Spend precious time making memories with your family and add your special people into your trip plans.  While on tour, we can help you take pictures and share them with others so they can see the fun you are having.  Also, make sure you and whoever you want to travel with have job vacation days available for the dates you choose.  You or people in your group may also have loyalty program cash awards that can be applied to the cost of your vacation, so be sure to account for those in your planning too.

Get yourself a reserved space on an upcoming trip

After you decide which trip itinerary to take, think about using a deposit to hold your space on the tour.  Deposits are fully refundable in case your change your mind or your schedule changes.  However, please note that deposits are only refundable up to the final payment date specified with your booking.  Certain popular itineraries fill up very quickly, so securing space for you or your group is a key part of your successful trip planning.  If the tour is already full, you can always request to be put on a wait list, in case someone cancels.

See you soon

We hope you will allow Kincaid to help plan your bucket list trips.  Remember – you don’t have to wait for that big vacation to roll around each year. Take a fun day trip or take a long weekend. Driving to a nearby destination can give you a fun, stress-relieving experience as you discover new places and pieces of history.   It’s all about the customer experience – luxurious coaches, the best drivers and tour directors, and an easy way to explore and book your trips.   Have a Happy New Year!

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