Celebrate Kincaid Cash

Kincaid Cash

Kincaid Cash is our way of giving our tour customers a reward for their loyalty. Whether you are using the punch card or cash rewards card, we want to help you collect discounts for future tours with us. The more tours you go on, the quicker you will build up your Kincaid Cash!

Frequent Traveler Card

Every 10 days of travel with Kincaid earns you $50 credit on future travel.

Loyalty "Thank-you" Card

Given out to customers for traveling with us, this card earns you $20 off for a 2-4 day tour, $50 off for a 5-7 day tour, and $100 off for a tour of 8 days or longer.

(may not be used on casino tours, international tours, and cruises with flights that do not use Kincaid Motor Coach)

Call us & learn more about our Kincaid Cash program. It's free money!