Luggage Guidelines –
How many bags may I bring?

Motor coaches have large luggage bays accessible from the outside and overhead storage as well for small carry on bags. There is enough room in the overhead compartments for each passenger to have one small tote bag for personal items.

Notes on Luggage:
• Luggage should be 50 lbs or less.
• A second piece of is considered a “carry- on” and must be handled by passenger.
• Carry-on luggage may be placed below coach; however, it may have to go above based on capacity.

Guidelines: The tours department recommends no more than 1 suitcase 50 lbs. or less and one carry-on bag.
If you are on a Kincaid Tour, you will receive 1 luggage tag per person.  The tagged bag will be unloaded by the driver and taken to your room by hotel porters. Carry-on is handled by passenger.

Reminder: Always keep your medicine with you. Do not leave it in your checked baggage.

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