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Frequently Asked Questions

How many passengers can fit on your motor coaches?

The majority of our fleet is 50-57 passenger custom touring motor coaches. We also have smaller vehicles for local service.  Size and availability vary by location.

How much does it cost to charter a coach?

Rates are based upon availability, like flights or hotel rooms.  Trip cost is either based upon time or mileage- whichever is greater.

Can I charge my phone or tablet on the motor coach?

Yes, there are 110v charging ports between each set of seats, so bring your wall charger and plug it in just like at home! Some motor coaches also have additional USB ports as well.

Will the coach have WIFI?

Yes, all of our full-sized motor coaches have WIFI.  The internet connection speed works well for most applications.

Can we drink alcohol on the coach?

Yes, the DOT does allow passengers to have alcoholic beverages on the motor coach. A refundable alcohol deposit of $1000 per motor coach should be made by credit card less than 30 days prior to the trip.  If damages occur or excessive cleaning is required, that will be deducted from the refund.

Can we play a DVD on the coach?

Most of our motor coaches have a multimedia center.  They will play purchased DVD’s (not Blue Ray) and CD’s.  Your tour leader can also bring an HDMI cable and connect a computer or other electronic device to stream media.

Do the coaches have seatbelts?

Yes. The DOT does not require seatbelts on motor coaches, but we have seatbelts on the most of our coaches.


  • What about car seats? Car seats are not required by the DOT, but can be used and will buckle in just like in your personal vehicle.  Please let us know if you plan to bring a car seat.  Each passenger on the coach must have their own seat.

Luggage Guidelines -
How many bags may I bring?

Motor coaches have large luggage bays accessible from the outside and overhead storage as well for small carry on bags. There is enough room in the overhead compartments for each passenger to have one small tote bag for personal items.

Notes on Luggage:
• Luggage should be 50 lbs or less.
• A second piece of is considered a “carry- on” and must be handled by passenger.
• Carry-on luggage may be placed below coach; however, it may have to go above based on capacity.

Guidelines: The tours department recommends no more than 1 suitcase 50 lbs. or less and one carry-on bag.
If you are on a Kincaid Tour, you will receive 1 luggage tag per person.  The tagged bag will be unloaded by the driver and taken to your room by hotel porters. Carry-on is handled by passenger.

Reminder: Always keep your medicine with you. Do not leave it in your checked baggage.

How much should I tip the driver?

A good rule of thumb for driver gratuity is $1 a day per passenger or $2-3 a day per passenger when moving luggage. We can build the gratuity into the price at your request.

Can we have snacks and drinks on the coach?

Yes, but please no glass containers.  Drinks with lids are advisable, so no cans.  If you plan on bringing a cooler for drinks, it may need to be kept in the luggage bay.  Please do not obstruct the aisle.  Be considerate of others with snacks and trash.  Your driver has to keep the coach clean and will be as ready as you are to get off the coach and get some rest!

Will the driver stop for rest breaks or meals?

If your group is planning your own trip, you may want to plan ahead for rest stops and meals. Put those stops on the itinerary you submit for your driver.  Our drivers are professionals who like to plan ahead.  Restaurant parking lots can be difficult for motor coaches to navigate.  You may also want to contact the restaurant so they are prepared for your group. If you don’t plan any stops, the driver will choose comfort stops.  If you are traveling on a Kincaid tour, they make frequent stops.

How long can a driver drive?

DOT regulations state that a driver can be on duty driving no more than 10 hours.  Our motor coaches all have Electronic Logging Devices.  The driver signs on before they start the vehicle, so while planning consider any time that the motor coach is running as part of that 10 hours.  Plan for your driver to be off duty a minimum of 9 hours each night of your trip.  Avoid late nights followed by early mornings.

Will we need more than one driver for our trip?

As a general rule, if the route you plan is more than 8 hours then an additional driver will be needed.  Travel time by motor coach is usually longer than what is on an internet map route.

Can we travel overnight?

Yes.  Keep in mind that if your driver is on the road overnight, there may be the cost of an additional driver if you plan to begin doing activities upon arrival at your destination.  Your quote specialist can help you determine if the cost of an extra driver will be less than an additional night of lodging for the group.

Do I need to book a room for our driver?

Groups are generally able to get a better rate for a room for the driver than if we book a single hotel room.  Groups also find that it is more convenient to have the driver with them so that they don’t have to plan for additional time for the driver to get to and from another hotel and still get the minimum overnight time off duty of 9 hours.  In the event that you don’t want to book a room for the driver, just let us know and we will work it into the cost of the trip.

Do the motor coaches have restrooms?

Our full-sized motor coaches have restrooms.  Smaller vehicles are intended for local service and do not have restrooms.

When do I need to book my charter coach trip?

Booking early saves money since rates are based upon availability.  Kincaid has a fleet newer than the industry average, so we tend to be fully booked for peak travel times far in advance.  Your quoted price is guaranteed for 30 days. However, if another group decides to charter before you, a motor coach might not be available.

Do you have (ADA) buses that can accommodate a wheelchair?

Yes.  Please inform your quote specialist if you need a wheelchair lift.

What kind of information do we collect about you and from whom?

We obtain most of our information from you. The application or claim form you complete, as well as any additional information you provide, generally gives us most of the information we need to know. Sometimes we may contact you by phone or mail to obtain additional information. We may use information about you from other transactions with us, our affiliates, or others. Depending on the nature of your insurance transaction, we may need additional information about you or other individuals proposed for coverage. We may obtain the additional information we need from third parties, such as other insurance companies or agents, government agencies, medical personnel, the state motor vehicle department, information clearinghouses, credit reporting agencies, courts, or public records. A report from a consumer reporting agency may contain information as to creditworthiness, credit standing, credit capacity, character, general reputation, hobbies, occupation, personal characteristics, or mode of living.

To whom do we disclose information about you?

We may disclose all the information that we collect about you, as described above. We may disclose such information about you to our affiliated companies, such as: Insurance companies; Insurance agencies; Third party administrators; Medical bill review companies; and Reinsurance companies.

We may also disclose nonpublic personal information about you to affiliated and nonaffiliated third parties as permitted by law. You have a right to access and correct the personal information we collect, maintain, and disclose about you.

What do we do with the information collected about you?

If coverage is declined or the charge for coverage is increased because of information contained in a consumer report we obtained, we will inform you, as required by state law or the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. We will also give you the name and address of the consumer reporting agency making the report. We may retain information about our former customers and may disclose that information to affiliates and non-affiliates only as described in this notice.